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February 2011 Archives

Vincent Georgie is a film Marketing Expert at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor.

Well, how did you spend your weekend? Did you cosy up in front of the t.v. to watch a movie featuring your favourite stars? That's what Vincent Georgie was doing...well, not exactly.He was cosying up to the real life stars attending the Academy awards ceremony last night. Vincent is a film marketing expert at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor. We spoke to him from Los Angeles. Listen audio (runs 9:11)

U of W Professor Vincent Georgie is in Hollywood for the Academy Awards.

Listen audio (runs 7:22)
He'll have his tux pressed and ready to go...his eyes sharpened so he doesn't miss that elusive celebrity and his teeth sparkly white just in case he gets discovered hanging around the Red Carpet this Sunday night.I'm talking about Windsor's Vincent Georgie.
He's with the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor specializing in film and television marketing.He's in hollywood for the Academy Awards.
Vincent joins from me his hotel room in Los Angeles.

Black History Symposium Tour.

Yesterday, a number of people from Toronto's black community arrived in Windsor to take part in a black history symposium. This symposium is a first for Windsor. It was
organized by Tourism Windsor-Essex, Pelee Island as a way to raise awareness about this area's rich history in the underground railroad and to hopefully increase
tourism to the area. The visitors spent the day touring a number of
significant sites in black history.Winston Larose and Tony Harry are two
of those visitors.
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There was a small earthquake near Wheatley on Wednesday morning.

Things were a little shaky near Wheatley on Wednesday morning. A small earthquake hit the area at 9:21 a.m. It was a magnitude 3 earthquake and it's one that caught the attention of the alert systems with Geologic Surveys Canada.
I spoke with Janet Drysdale she's a seismologist with Geological Surveys Canada.
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Ten Years as music director for the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and there's an anniversary party planned for this weekend featuring a host of home grown talent.

It's hard to believe that my next guest came to Windsor ten years ago to lead the Windsor Symphony Orcherstra. But, as they say, time flies when you're having fun.
And the fun continues this weekend with a ten year anniversary Concert featuring dancers, singers, musicians, writers, boxers and actors. I had a talk with John Morris.
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The history of Windsor's music scene is now on exhibit at Windsor's Community Museum.

100 Years of Music.That's the title of an exhibition opening on Sunday at Windsor's Community museum. Chris Borshuk is the President of the Windsor Federation of Musicians. We talk about the exhibit.
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Bullying in the workplace, how prevalent is it, and what you can do about it.

Nobody likes a bully. And while many of us may relegate bullying to the school yard, it
appears that bullying is alive and well in the workplace. Jacqueline Power has done a lot of research on workplace bullying She's a professor of management
at the University of Windsor's Odette School of
Listen audio (runs 8:31)

A Windsor woman shares her story of delivering aid to Ghana

Lynn Fitzsimmons belongs to a Windsor group called "Women Making a Difference".
She and 6 other women spent two weeks in Ghana bringing aid to the needy. But unlike the other women who went, Lynn is visually impaired
Listen audio (runs 7:57)

Interview with U of W Professor Richard Frost on computer versus humans on TV show Jeopardy

Pitting man against a computer. That's what happened on the game show Jeopardy as Watson the computer competed against two former Jeopardy champions. We'll hear predictions on who's likely to win the 3 game competition.....fror a professor at the University's school of computer science.
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We'll hear about a high school dance party organized for students

There was a big party at Forster Secondary
School earlier today. Close to 200 students in the
Greater Essex County District School Board's Steps
program were invited to Forster for a dance.
The boards Steps program helps students with
developmental disabilities achieve success.
Listen audio (runs 6:56)

Denis Coffey of the Funk Brothers Interview

A true musical legend is coming to Windsor this Saturday night.
He's being inducted into the Canada South Blues Museum.
I'll talk with Motown guitarist Dennis Coffey
Listen audio (runs 12:21)

Interview with CBC's David Jaeger on the WCMF 2011

We'll tell you about the national exposure given to the Windsor Canadian Music festival...and why you might want to check it out.
Listen audio (runs 8:42)

Bob Monks Archive Interview

Popular media personality Bob Monks has died. We'll bring you a conversation I had
with Bob a few months ago when he talked about his latest book.....History of Windsor.
Listen audio (runs 8:22)

Multiple Choice Workshop

The University of Windsor is offering a workshop to help students improve at multiple choice exams.
Listen audio (runs 8:39)