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December 2010 Archives

Welcome to The Bridge

When the day winds down, The Bridge reconnects people to their communities with stories from across the city and around the country. Host Bob Steele Producer Denise Kristof and Technician - Associate Producer Dan Kennedy provide the local edge to the news and interviews on the day's top stories.

The program offers the latest in news, weather, sports, business and the arts. Find out more.

Get Ready To Work

Our series on finding a new job showed how to get prepared, write a resume, and put your best foot forward during a job interview.

Recruitment specialist Jen Rallis External Site provided the information and tips you need to be successful. We've archived them here.

Week One - Preparing for the job search
Week Two - How to write an effective resume
Week Three - Building your brand
Week Four - Where are all the jobs advertised?
Week Five - Find the hidden job market
Week Six - Interviewing tips and offer negotiations