Troy C.

Troy C. entered the footwear & fashion business in 1998 with the goal to bring new styles to a Vancouver market which was stuck in an incestuous shoe merry-go-round. In the late nineties, all Vancouver shoe stores seemed to just copy one another, going after the same brands, and taking no risks when trying to provide their customers with something unique. Sourcing shoes from Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, and following european trends became the staple for surviving in the competitive fashion footwear business which was only providing it's customers for the most part with safe options. In 2009, Troy teamed up with Nima Farahmand to create Rowan Sky and now have designed their own high end men's & women's footwear and bag collection scheduled to hit the market in early 2013.

Rowan Sky

Located in historic Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Rowan Sky is a trendy fashion forward footwear and accessories boutique that not only pays attention to style and trends, but also quality and value. The collection is a selection of brands from around the world and consists of a mix of European, Canadian, and American flavours in hopes to collaborate the different personalities and styles. Adding new styles and brands each season keeps Rowan Sky on the pulse, fresh, and up-to-date. Most people like to know how the name came to be, which is a bit of a secret, but the important fact is that when you come in the store you'll have a hard time thinking of any other name. They like to make sure their customers are well taken care of, educated about their products, and it is their mandate to make sure every customer walks out in the right pair of shoes.

"Rowan Sky is one of those Gastown stores that I seldom pass by without going in, even if I'm not in the market for shoes. Located at 334 West Cordova street, the bright, inviting store is filled with the most beautiful, high quality footwear. When I first started corresponding with co-owners Troy and Nima, it was clear that they were not only passionate and hardworking, but some of the nicest guys around. The two of them have a true understanding of shoe construction and what people are looking for, which makes for some amazing customer service. I spent an afternoon with Troy and Nima talking, taking pictures and fantasizing about my eventual purchases. I couldn't wait to hear their take on the world's obsession with shoes, and have them tell me more about Rowan Sky's history and future." - Jenny Bachynski of Scout Magazine