Company: Synstone
Owners: Bryant Halliday and Sterling Halliday - father and son owners
Town: Mississauga, Ontario

The development of Synstone began in 1975 with George Halliday a chemist and researcher. His research in polymer and epoxy technologies resulted in many developments, two of which being glass fibre reinforced plastics and the means to glass reinforce concrete.

Synstone panels were first offered for sale in 1987 and were purchased by the Peel Board of Education in Ontario Canada. The panels were specified for use on portable school portions called Kinder Paks. The materials specified had to be lightweight but also high strength, in order to manoeuvre the building portions as desired in the future.

Synstone's lightweight panel allows for easy handling, permitting an economical construction process, while the high impact strength of the panels prevents damage during handling and use. All of the benefits of Synstone allowed Peel Board of education to successfully enable lightweight and rapid construction of their Kinder Paks, twenty Kinder Pak additions were made during the two-month summer break. The Kinder Pak schools are still in operation today, a true testament to the durability, life cycle, and the climatically stable composition of Synstone glass fibre reinforced concrete cladding panels.