Senior Supply Chain Operations Manager with a progressive 25+ year career in fast- paced manufacturing environments. Possess a wide range of experience including high volume manufacturing, materials management, warehouse management, logistics, ERP systems and business process re-engineering.

Adaptable, hard-working and focused manager who is equally comfortable in the boardroom or on the shop floor.


Combining a passion for music and a fascination with technology, started career in electronics as a synthesizer technician repairing and modifying electronic musical instruments at a prominent Toronto music store. This led to a role spearheading an R&D effort in music technology, providing exposure to business, manufacturing and materials management which was very interesting. A supplier suggested an opportunity in a technical sales role at an electronics component distributor. This role provided a great exposure to sales, warehousing and material logistics. Success in sales and growing interest in materials and logistics led to a management role selling inventory management systems. This exposure to real operational challenges within several different customer environments fueled the passion for supply chain which prompted a return to a full time Operations Manager role applying the same concepts to daily practice and the test of reality.

I learned on the job, I learned by doing, I learned that there is no magic. I have always been fascinated by the intricate and complex nature behind a successful supply chain; how its systems and people interact and how different industries have their own specific twists. Understanding your supply chain, respect for the fundamentals, a lot of planning, hard work and discipline are what make it happen. If you make it look simple to everyone else you have done your job, just don't expect anyone to notice, they will only notice when something goes wrong.

Past experiences

Developed and implemented the operations infrastructure to accommodate rapid growth at a software systems company. Designed and implemented an ERP system (enterprise resource planing). Hired and trained all staff, managed operations with emphasis on purchasing, inventory, production, and international trade/logistics in a low volume, high mix/custom production environment.

Was part of a cross functional team that designed, built, and resourced an entirely new 350,000 sq ft production facility leading to fully functional operations within 13 weeks, ultimately hired all staff, managed all aspects of supply chain including: planning, purchasing, warehouse and inventory operations, in a high volume manufacturing environment.

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