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Toronto's Queen Street West is Canada's haven for the hip. Among its many retailers sits Lavish and Squalor. This independent retailer hasn't recovered from the recession. With more big name brands setting up shop and the owners carrying a debilitating debt load, time is short to save their store. Owners Anne and Sandro are pros at crafting a cool shopping experience, but unless they can follow Arlene's expert advice, this could be the end of the road for the retailer.

Paving a new path for organic goods, Camino has baked up a reliable brand of fair trade sugars and chocolates across Canada. But with lackluster additions to their product lines, and an onslaught of competitors, Camino is at a crossroads. If the team can recover their missteps, and rise to Arlene's challenge, she may invest and get Camino back on track.

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