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In The Big Decision series premiere, Jim Treliving jets east to the small border town of St Stephen, New Brunswick, home to family-owned SWP Industries. Once one of the world's largest makers of custom cedar fences boasting 25 million dollars in sales, the business is now whittled down to a skeleton staff and is on the brink of collapse. With their grown sons moving home to help save the company, and an entire community depending on them to do so, they stand to lose the legacy they've taken 20 years to build.

A thousand kilometers away, another family business is in dire straits. Jim travels to a Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario winery in desperate need of cash. At the helm of The Ice House is Jamie, a world-renowned ice wine maker, and his fiancée Karen, who has risked her life's savings to support his vision. At the height of their success, Ice House was recognized for producing award-winning ice wines. Now, they'll have to convince Jim they are worthy competitors in a crowded marketplace, deserving of his investment and much-needed expertise.

Season 2
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