Jim Treliving and Arlene Dickinson have added published author to their lists of career achievements. Harper Collins has published Jim's Decisions: Making the Right Ones, Righting the Wrong Ones (Get it online from Amazon or Indigo) and Arlene's Persuasion: A New Approach to Changing Minds" (Get it online from Amazon or Indigo.

Every week we'll publish an excerpt from one of these books that ties into the lessons from that week's episode. This week we turn to page 49 from Jim's Decisions:

Enthusiasm Creates Wealth.

Trust this statement, because it's the truth. Enthusiasm also creates stamina. When you can work like a dog with joy in your heart, you're going to make more money. If you're trudging along, as I did on the rigs, you'll sabotage that financial flow because you won't attract the right people to your cause. Or you'll get frozen out of opportunities because of your attitude, or worse, fired. People like to make these matters complicated, but they're really that simple. Enthusiastic people attract the same. As a group, enthusiasts create momentum, and money loves momentum. Passionate people doing something they love will always attract the right people to them. I think if George and I are known for anything in our organization, it's the unbridled enthusiasm for what we do and what we have. We didn't grow a successful company with just the two of us. We grew it with the dozens of talented executives we were lucky to team up with and the hundreds more talented franchisees who spread the vision of our company. We grew wealth by spreading our enthusiasm and generating even more. It's that simple."

Excerpt from: Decisions by Jim Treliving. Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. Copyright © 2012 by James Treliving Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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