About The Big Decision on CBC

In the wake of a destructive recession, companies across the country have been faced with BIG challenges. A high dollar, a volatile economy and a severe credit crunch have left business owners struggling to keep their companies and their futures afloat. Now, entrepreneurial icons Jim Treliving and Arlene Dickinson want to help.

Each 1-hour episode of The Big Decision documents two Canadian businesses desperately in need of expert advice and a cash injection. With the banks calling in their loans and financers tightening their wallets, Jim and Arlene are their last hope.

If the companies can rise to the challenge of changing their ways, they could be given a life-changing investment from two of the most revered business leaders in the country. At the conclusion of each episode, Jim and Arlene have to decide whether they'll invest in one, neither or both of the companies vying for their cash.

No hand outs. No charity. The stakes are high. This is The Big Decision.