Episode 1x01 Here’s the Deal

Daniel Addison, head speech writer for the Leader of the Opposition, decides to return to academe.

Episode 1x02 Running to Lose

Daniel Addison sets his bargain in motion and engages the help of Muriel Parkinson to endorse Angus McLintock as the candidate for Cumberland-Prescott.

Episode 1x03 Raise a Little Hell

George Quimby is on the campaign trail creating one disaster after another. The 2 Petes produce a campaign video for Angus.

Episode 1x04 You Had An Option, Sir

Daniel begs forgiveness from Lindsay. Quimby prepares for the debates. The Angus campaign is in full swing at the Seniors Home. Eric Cameron is caught in a compromising situation.

Episode 1x05 Going Brogue

The Quimby team is thrilled with Daniel who continues his own damage control plan for Cameron.

Episode 1x06 Just Watch Me - Series Finale

Election time. Daniel confesses to Muriel, Lindsay and the campaign team. Angus concludes his celebrations, with promises and returns home to unexpected news.

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