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Google Wave invitation day

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. Today's the day that 100,000 invitations for the preview Google Wave go out to a lucky few. Google has quite clearly stated on its blog who will get beta invites, but that hasn't stopped everyone else from begging for their golden ticket.

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Three stunning high-res space images from Chile

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. The European Southern Observatory has released three high-resolution images of the night sky in Chile as part of its celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.

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Google Wave gives up on Internet Explorer

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. The developers of Google Wave — the tech giant's next-generation communication platform that combines email, instant messaging, wikis and file sharing — seem to have thrown up their hands when it comes to supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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PS3 picks up momentum, but will it last?

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. Sony says it has seen a big bump from its PlayStation 3 video game system since dropping the price and size three weeks ago, with more than one million consoles sold worldwide in that time.

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Globalive tries the Chewbacca defense?

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. The CRTC kicked off a set of two-day hearings on Globalive's ownership today. The hearings will help the regulator determine whether or not Globalive will get to be Canada's fourth almost-national cellphone company. In its opening remarks, the company put forward a number of reasons why it passes muster as far as Canadian control rules are concerned, but one argument seems to sound like the Chewbacca defense.

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Science journalism not going quietly into the night

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. Can you believe that 20 years ago, 150 U.S. newspapers had science sections and that today, fewer than 20 do? That's the thinking behind the launch of a new non-profit news wire service called Futurity, which is backed by a number of top science universities including Stanford, UC-Berkeley, Princeton and Yale.

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Dooce lets her blog trolls feed her

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. Heather Armstrong of the blog dooce.com recently unveiled an interesting, and remunerative, way for dealing with her hate mail: post it in a separate blog and slap on enough ads to make a Nascar driver blush.

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Stupid criminal... is breaking into a house

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. There's harmless Facebook addiction, then there's stupid Facebook addiction. A criminal who broke into a Pennsylvania West Virginia home and was caught because he stopped to check his Facebook account, and forgot to log out, is a shining example of the latter.

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Sony adds pizza-ordering button to PS3

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. Sony is offering PlayStation 3 users quick access to Papa John's online pizza ordering website, but the effort pales in comparison to previous pizza-ordering apps in Everquest II and on TiVo.

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Greece endorses Google's M-Labs

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. Eight months ago, Google launched a nifty feature called M-Labs (a.k.a. Measurement Labs). The tool is designed to give internet users some idea of how their connections are being handled by service providers. M-Labs lets you see how your ISP is managing your connection, what kind of bandwidth it's giving you and whether or not you're being throttled. Greece's telecommunications regulator is now endorsing it.

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Retracing - and blogging - Darwin's route

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. A group of scientists, journalists and artists from the U.K. and the Netherlands are recreating the landmark voyage of HMS Beagle, the ship that carried Charles Darwin around the world and to the Galapagos Islands.

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Trees and pets as cellphone users

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. Mobile Media World, a conference devoted to – well, media on mobiles – kicked off its sessions today with a number of panelists commenting on Canada's woeful cellphone penetration rate.

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Woman fired for ALL CAPS in email

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. An accountant in Auckland, New Zealand has been awarded $12,800 Cdn for unfair dismissal. The offense that got her fired? Writing an email using red, blue, bold and all-capital letters.

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