NFL's Ochocinco to use hand signals to tweet

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca.

Chad Ochocinco of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals (formerly Chad Johnson: he changed his name to reference his uniform number, 85) says he plans on using hand-signals to get celebratory posts to his Twitter account after he scores.

During a webcast on his Ustream.tv channel, Ochocinco said he would choose one of his Twitter followers every week of the football season, fly them to the Bengals' home games, and work out a system of hand signals to get his tweets out.

Ochocinco is trying to get around a recently announced NFL ban on in-game Twittering, as part of its policy against players and team staff using cellphones during games.

Given that the NFL has an automatic 15-yard penalty for using props during touchdown celebrations, enacted in large part because of Ochocinco's flamboyant touchdown celebrations, he probably won't be breaking out semaphore flags in the end zone.