Among wireless newbies, is 3 a crowd?

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca

The Canadian Telecom Summit's final presentation was a panel with the heads from three of the new wireless entrants: Dave Dobbin from DAVE Wireless, Tony Lacavera from Globalive and Alek Krstajic from Public Mobile.

And while DAVE and Globalive have received much of the attention, Krstajic may have dropped the biggest bomb during the panel.

“Take a look at the three of us up here...two of us will not be here at next year's telecom summit,” said Krstajic. “Or we'll be here but have different business cards.”

Krstajic was trying to make the point that the wireless market is so competitive that the new entrants will have trouble gaining traction. Given that the other new entrants are planning to launch their networks in 2010 and next year's summit is just a year away, perhaps it was a tad hyperbolic. But then again, maybe his point is this: consolidation of new players is on the way. It's something analysts have talked about since the wireless spectrum was completed.

But his competitors disagreed, with both Dobbin and Lacavera saying there is room in the marketplace for all three companies.