Who is behind 'leaked' Globalive plans?

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca

Mobile phone enthusiasts were abuzz yesterday after a post on Howard Forum allegedly leaked new wireless carrier Globalive's plans for the Canadian market.

The plans, revealed as a series of blurry photos of a slideshow presentation from someone claiming to be a former employee, provide details on the carrier's pricing of voice and data plans and a look at some of the phones the carrier would offer.

Toronto-based Globalive quickly moved to stamp out the story, however, saying the information in the post was "entirely speculation."

"There is a lot of speculation in the blogosphere about our plans and rates but this false document certainly takes it to the next level - and certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm out there!!" wrote Globalive chief executive Anthony Lacavera.

And how: not only did the poster on the forum post the slides, he/she then took questions for much of the day Monday from commentators eager to understand what the company was planning.

But there were some signs something was odd: for example, the slides all had a logo which said GlobalWireless, not Globalive, and the name GlobalWireless is also used in Canada by both a business services company and a Rogers wireless dealer.

Even more unexpected was Globalive's response, as Lacavera's post on the company's feedback web site then asked readers what they thought of the plans being discussed.

In seeking input from consumers on the fake plans, Globalive invites further speculation that the whole thing is a clever marketing ploy, but Lacavera said he's trying to make lemonade from yesterday's lemons.

"I am just trying to make something positive out of this false information," he said.