Skype for iPhone...1 million downloads in 2 days

by Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. I think there should probably be a limit on the number of times we can post about one subject on the Tech blog, but it's worth mentioning that Skype is reporting that its iPhone application has been downloaded more than one million times in the first two days after it became available, which, as TechCrunch notes, works out to around six downloads every second.

Naturally, telephone carriers around the world aren't be too happy about this. Deutsche Telekom AG in Germany launched the first grenade on Thursday, saying it was considering banning the application. Other telcos, such as Telefonica, have said they are fine with the app, as long as it remains restricted to Wi-Fi networks, and not the carrier's 3G phone network.

Here in Canada our lone iPhone carrier Rogers doesn't have this issue, of course, since Canadians aren't allowed to download the application (wink, wink).