Jesse Brown: Your chance to weigh in on Net Neutrality

By Jesse Brown, CBC technology columnist:

This summer, the CRTC will finally rule on whether traffic shaping by ISPs is legal. To do so, they’ll hold hearings, and in those hearings, opinions will be heard. Yours can be among them.

Yesterday the CRTC opened an online public consultation on net neutrality. They want to know what you think about the following issues:

  • The impact of these practices on the user experience and on innovation;
  • The different approaches to Internet traffic management;
  • The role of the CRTC in relation to Internet traffic management practices;
  • The disclosure of Internet traffic management practices by ISPs.

Anyone who has signed an anti-throttling petition, joined a net-neutrality Facebook group or simply cursed when their torrents slowed to a crawl is morally obligated to weigh in. This is one of those rare occasions when the public is actually being asked what they think by the people who make policy.

Don’t miss the chance. (link)