Jesse Brown: Last chance to chime in on Net Neutrality

By Jesse Brown, CBC technology columnist.

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Monday (Feb.16) is the CRTC's official deadline for public comments about traffic throttling and net neutrality. The comments will inform their hearings this summer, where the CRTC will decide whether or not to allow all manner of network "management". [Update: Our sources say the deadline has been extended until Feb. 23, but the CRTC would not confirm the news.]
If you care about this, say so now.

Here's the CRTC's public notice and feedback form where you can submit your input (bottom left button takes you to the form).

And here's some further background:

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Glen Farrelly


Thanks for this brief and understandable guide to this issue. It's crucial Canadians have their say on this issue. Your article facilitates this nicely - I'll be linking to it on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, overall this will help the CRTC come to a sensible conclusion on this.


Posted February 11, 2009 03:10 PM

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