Jesse Brown: Coalition confusion? Here’s your partisan toolkit

By Jesse Brown, CBC technology columnist.


Coup! Coup! How dare they? I am so outraged!

I’ve been asked to report on how Canadians on the web have reacted to the current political turmoil.

Here’s an educated guess: by looking up “prorogue”.

Then maybe some wiki-research on Canada’s Parliamentary system.

After that, everybody chose a side and started creating online petitions, Facebooks groups, Youtube videos and the rest. Here’s a roundup:

  • Rally for Canada
  • Blogging Tory Stephen Taylor’s homebase for pro-conservative rally-planning, with a handy tweet-feed.

  • Canadians4democracy
  • Prince-syntaxed petition against the coalition and the NDP’s “secret agenda”. 80,000+ sigs and counting!

Coalition government? Uh….yes! of course! What’s the big deal?