Obama, McCain and chicken

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

With the U.S. election finally coming to a head today, it's going to be really difficult for anyone besides Barack Obama or John McCain to get any sort of media attention today. That is, unless you're selling chicken.

Google has released its fastest-rising election day queries as of noon Eastern time and the results are completely expected, with one major exception (see #7):

1. exit polls 2008
2. early voting exit polls
3. voting results
4. presidential election results
5. poll results
6. election coverage 2008
7. chick fil a
8. election update
9. election tracker
10. who's winning the election

In a classic case of one of these things is not like the other, southern chicken fast-food chain Chick Fil A managed to sneak into an all-election set of results at number 7. Why? The chain has a promotion going in that it is giving free chicken strips, sandwiches or milkshakes to customers who bring in their "I voted" stickers. Other retailers, including Starbucks, are also doing giveaways but the chicken chain is for some reason getting all the hits.

Even better is Google's list of top political persona search results from the general election season, starting in September:

1. Obama
2. Palin
3. McCain
4. Tina Fey
5. Joe Biden
6. Chuck Norris
7. Cindy McCain
8. Bristol Palin
9. SNL Palin
10. Colin Powell

Again, one of these things -- number 6 -- is not like the others. Perhaps Chuck Norris should consider running for president. After all, everyone knows he could solve all of the U.S. problems through sheer force of will.