Your Interview: Paul Roberts, author of The End of Food

In his new book, The End of Food, journalist Paul Roberts writes that the world has reached the end of the age of food abundance, and is entering an age of scarcity. He takes on the food industry, government subsidies, food aid, organic farming, meat consumption and processed food, and says if we don't choose to re-think the entire structure of the global food economy, events will force us to.

Paul Roberts

How precarious is the global food supply? Must we re-think our diet? In his Q&A with CBCnews.ca, he says that from viruses in the chickens to bacteria in the spinach, from industrial farms to organic ones co-opted by industry, from the radical disruptions of a changing climate to depleting and polluted water, the message to meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike is that the global food system is one major disruption away from calamity.

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