IBM fighting evil mutants?

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

From an IBM press release, sent out today:

According to a new security report from IBM’s X-Force security team, an organized criminal network is behind a staggering rise in the sophistication of attacks on computers worldwide. By attacking computer users’ Web browsers, cyber-criminals are laying siege to the Internet's gateway, and are now stealing the identities of consumers at a rate never before seen on the Internet. IBM X-Force believes this criminal effort will result in thousands of additional attacks in 2008.

It's a pretty standard warning that we've heard seemingly dozens of times already from every other tech company that provides some sort of security products and services. But it's not the message itself that's notable, it's who is behind it: IBM's X-Force.

Is this the same group of militant superheroes led by the mysterious mutant Cable? If so, shouldn't the team be concentrating on its real foe, the Mutant Liberation Front, rather than simple cyber-criminals? Aren't the telepathic powers of Stryfe a much bigger threat? Or is the name just a coincidence that has inspired a completely silly blog post?