What was important in 2007?

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

The end of the year is fast approaching, which always means one thing as far as the media is concerned: it's time for year-end lists. Love 'em or hate 'em, year-in-review stories are a good opportunity to reflect on the events of the past 12 months, not to mention a good way to fill space at a time when news starts to cool off.

We'll be unveiling our year-end wrap-ups for science and technology this week, reviewing the stories we thought were important. A couple of companies - Google, Apple and Facebook - dominated the news and brought about big changes over the past year, so they'll be sure to figure prominently on the list. Of course, such lists are always subjective so we'd like to turn it over to our readers. What did you think were the important stories of the past year?

And since we didn't do a formal list, here are my top five video games of the year:
1. Guitar Hero 2: While the game came out for the Playstation 2 last year, it only made it to the Xbox 360 this year. The third installment was fun, but this was my first exposure to the game, which kept me playing regularly for the better part of six months.

2. Halo 3: No surprise here - it's one of the rare games that I played through more than once.

3. The Simpsons Game: Easily the best game starring the wacky residents of Springfield.

4. Mass Effect: Bioware keeps evolving the RPG to new levels of amazing.

5. BioShock: Thoroughly engrossing, even if it was reminiscent of Doom 3.