Virtual Bali: Second Nature

By Eve Savory, CBCNews.ca

There are millions of words coming out of Bali. Blogged words.

But the journal Nature claims it is doing it the environmentally friendly way - in Second Life. You can drop by the site, Second Nature, this Thursday for a lecture by George Monbiot, the author of Heat: How we can stop the planet burning. Second Life avatars are also welcome.

The journal admits that even avatars have carbon footprints. But it writes one avatar produces just over 39 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, about a thirtieth of the amount a passenger flying round trip from London to New York. It says that participating in the climate change debate in Second Nature is “more environmentally sound than jumping on a plane” to Bali.

But as Scientific American points out, even an avatar produces more carbon than the average person in the developing world.