Most. Expensive. Movies. Ever.

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

Poor Piotr Staniaszek. The 22-year-old Calgary resident racked himself up an $85,000 cellphone bill by using his handset as a modem. To anyone who has followed the cellphone industry in Canada, horror stories about sky-high bills are nothing new - but this one definitely takes the cake.

On the one hand Staniaszek made a very big mistake. He neglected to read the fine-print (a cardinal sin of cell use in Canada) and now he has to pay the price. Also, to run up a download bill that high, one would suspect he was engaging in some file sharing. Some would say that's a double offence, so in the end his huge bill serves him right.

In reality though, if you do the math, Staniaszek probably didn't do all that much wrong. Under most of Bell's data plans, users get only four megabytes of downloading and pay a whopping $12 per megabyte thereafter. That means Staniaszek's $85,000 bill boils down to about seven gigabytes worth of downloading. In real-world terms, that's a couple of movies. With data rates like these, who needs lawsuits from entertainment companies?