Holt Renfrew denies iPhone rumour

by Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca

The latest iPhone-coming-to-Canada rumour comes from an unlikely source: According to digitaljournal.com, an "insider" from Holt Renfrew said the luxury retailer would begin carrying a Canadian version of the iPhone later in October for $799.

This seems strange, particularly since the telecommunications company expected to act as a carrier for the iPhone - Rogers - had made no formal announcement, nor had Apple Inc.

It also appears to be untrue, according to Holt Renfrew spokesperson Janet Eger.

"I can confirm that the rumours were unfounded and Holt Renfrew will not be carrying the iPhone," Eger told CBCNews.ca.

Which doesn't mean the iPhone is never coming to Canada, just not from Holt, and if you believe Rogers, not anytime soon.

Perhaps the tip-off was the rushed timeline. In September Apple spent a great deal of time publicizing iPhone launches in the UK, Germany and France, and those phones won't go on sale until November, so it seemed a stretch to think a company known for mastering the "big build-up" marketing campaign would be launching a quick-and-stealthy cross-border rollout.

That the rumour took off isn't surprising. Earlier this week Solutions Research Group posted a survey of the top tech gadgets Canadians wanted for Christmas. And coming in at number eight - just after the Nintendo Wii - was the iPhone.

Not bad for a product that isn't here yet.