Nudity delays Halo 2 for PC

by Saleem Khan, CBC News Online

Microsoft Corp. is delaying shipping science fiction action game Halo 2 for WindowsVista PCs after nudity was found in part of the software.

Anyone hoping to find that the high-resolution version of the game previously released for the original Xbox repeats the infamous Hot Coffee uproar that surrounded Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for prurient, political or other reasons will be sorely disappointed.

The offending content does not depict a hologram of the female artificial intelligence Cortana in compromising positions with top Spartan space Marine Master Chief or anything like it. Instead, a photo of a mischievous fellow's bare rump is found in part of the map-editing software.

Microsoft is delaying shipments for a couple of weeks to fix the problem but people who already own a copy can download a patch from the Halo 2 site's support section.