Google still tops internet traffic: report

by Saleem Khan, CBC News Online

With everything that Google does, it raises two questions: "How did we ever live our lives before Google?" (particularly relevant to anyone born in the late 1980s or later) and "How is Google and its competition faring?"

Life before Google was harsh. [There's something innately schadenfreude-inspiring about the fact that the link is to a competing service, isn't there?]

After Google, the competition heated up. In a study of U.S. site traffic rankings in March 2007 [20 kB PDF] based on a panel of about 500 people, U.K firm M:Metrics Inc. confirmed what most of us suspected: Google is No. 1.

But what's interesting about the results is that if Microsoft was able to integrate its online properties (, and eponymous under one brand, it would displace the internet giant for the top spot.

By the numbers:

  1.             1,894,143
  2.              1,315,801
  3.                   903,158
  4.           734,664
  5.                   697,589
  6.                     571,469
  7.                   509,772
  8.             460,564
  9.             435,910
  10.              434,050

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German U

The general perception of those numbers semm rigth, but let me point some light toward Microsoft as displacer and leader.

Whenever you navigate the web using MS Windows, or worse, whenever you leave your Hotmail/MSN account you are automatically brought to a Microsoft page outside your email site.

This means that any of the IExplorer. Windows, Windows mail in any of its flavor, is count as a hit when they navigate. Just try opening your mail, and as soon as you close it.. there you are at one of the Microsoft portals. That gives a false number of hits to Microsft, ANU TIME YOU USE THEIR MAIL OR PRODUCTS..

Just count how many million users has MSN+Hotmail, and IExplorer, and there you find how those statistics give non ethical results ...

Posted May 18, 2007 04:44 PM

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