Geek out on Xbox, help kids, win wild Wii

by Saleem Khan, CBC News Online

Xbox Canada wraps up its second annual Badges of Honour campaign for the Children’s Miracle Network on Sun., April 1, and Nintendo is giving Canadians a chance to win a tricked out Wii.

The Badges of Honour program gives gamers a chance to buy limited availability collectors buttons emblazoned with graphics "inspired by top-selling and highly anticipated Xbox 360 titles."

The badges sell for two dollars each at Blockbuster stores with the proceeds going to the Childrens Miracle Network, which raises funds for children's hospitals and health foundations. Last year, the non-profit group helped raise more than $39 million for the 14 children’s hospitals in Canada that treat some 2.5 million kids annually. Most of that money is raised one or two dollars at a time.

This year's five new buttons use graphics based on the Xbox 360 controller, Guitar Hero II (the Xbox 360 version hits stores next week), Halo 3, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, and a hockey one from Xbox Live.

If one of those buttons doesn't slake your lust to show off your gamer colours, Nintendo Canada's new contest to win a customized Wii might help.

In a contest exclusive to Canadians, the company will be giving away six of the consoles that have been modified with unique graphics created by six Canadian artists.

They include four consoles by illustrator Gary Taxali, artist Hoi-An Tang, punk musicians illScarlett and Arnold Tsang of Udon Entertainment, and two "mystery" consoles to be revealed later.

Your can get your shot at winning one of the works by entering the contest at The Art of Wii website.