Digital rights activist, writer, Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow interview

by Saleem Khan, CBC News Online

Outspoken activist, blogger, writer and academic Cory Doctorow has a lot of say about a lot of subjects. I spoke with him for a story I'm working on about an hour before he was set to deliver the opening keynote speech about the limits of copyright at the Ontario Library Association's conference.

I'll save the details of my conversation with him for my article but readers might want to check out this interview with Doctorow by Amber MacArthur of Citytv News. In the seven-minute video clip, the Toronto native talks about digital rights, the recording and copyright industries and how he became an editor of the ultrapopular Boing Boing blog. He also takes a dig at Heritage Minister Bev Oda and discusses the impact of the Creative Commons organization and licensing on the internet.

For those who are in or around Toronto tonight, Doctorow is launching his new collection of stories, Overclocked (which you can download for free), at BakkaPhoenix Books at 7 p.m.