Lie detector for Skype calls

by Paul Jay, CBC News Online

Polygraph or lie detector tests have a long history on television police shows, but the technology hasn't had much luck standing up in courts.

That hasn't prevented an Israeli company from offering downloadeable software capable of monitoring voice fluctuations. The KishKish Lie Detector was released in December and made available for use with VoIP provider Skype. And according to the latest news, it's selling like hotcakes.

Israeli has been on the cutting edge of lie-detector technology. Two years ago a U.S. company called V Entertainment was at the 2004 CES show offering a lie detector made from Israeli technology small enough to fit on a pair of eyeglasses.

Which is an interesting and maybe a tad frightening development. But while the technology brings up a host of privacy issues, it also begs a basic question: if polygraphs don't hold up in court, how reliable can they be in real life?