High-definition reality intrudes on porn's fantasy

by Saleem Khan, CBC News Online

Quick on the heels of the X-rated video industry's forced adoption of HD-DVD blue-laser disc format comes word from the New York Times that high-definition video is posing problems for pornographers.

According to the Times article (which also ran in sister publication the International Herald Tribune), the high level of detail the enhanced video format provides is too real even for a sector that thrives on being graphic.

"The biggest problem is razor burn," said Stormy Daniels, an actress, writer and director. Daniels is also a skeptic. "I'm not 100 per cent sure why anyone would want to see their porn in HD."

Apparently, the sharp images are revealing every last flaw, wrinkle and detail of the performers, leaving many them feeling a little too exposed. Even makeup and creative camera angles can't hide some of the wrinkles, blemishes or oddities, spurring those in front of the lens to embark on diet and exercise programs — and in some cases more plastic surgery.

Keeping it real never was the sector's strong suit. I guess this means the industry won't be investigating 3-D TV anytime soon.

Update: Businessweek suggests there's new hope for Blu-ray in the DVD format war.