Can 52 GB storage be far behind?

by Paul Jay, CBC News Online

People who thought products by LG Electronics and Warner to provide dual-format DVD players and discs would cool the war over rival high-definition DVD formats appear to be mistaken.

The latest sign Blu-ray and HD DVD have some way to go before co-existing is Toshiba's submission on Monday to the standard's overseer of a triple-layer HD DVD disc capable of holding 51 gigabytes.

For those keeping score, Blu-ray discs have a storage capacity of 50 GB.

The HD DVD standard currently defines single and dual layer discs capable of holding 15 and 30 GB respectively.
The problem, according to the Register, is today's HD DVD players would be incapable of reading the new disc. Which is tough luck for early adopters.

The whole plus-one storage plan also brings to mind the taunts of the schoolyard, when inevitably someone would raise the ante to "infinity plus one."