Blogger upgrade as Battlestar Galactica

by Saleem Khan, CBC News Online

In case you missed it, the site that gave this whole blogging thing legs added a bunch of features yesterday. Blogger had slipped behind more feature-rich competitors over the years but software engineer Lexi Baugher reeled off some of the new functions in a post to Google's blog. The internet search giant owns Blogger.

The changes include the ability to:

  • Add images, feeds and other elements to a blog without having to know HTML

  • Make your own template without needing to know anything about CSS

  • Make a blog private

  • Group and label posts

In a post to the Blogger Buzz blog a day earlier, programmer Pete Hopkins compared the old and new Blogger in a way that's certain to earn him major geek cred — and take readers back to elementary school days when they were learning about metaphors: Old Blogger is to new Blogger as Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Greene is to Battlestar Galactica with Edward James Olmos, he wrote.

That sounds like an invitation to hop into a Viper and frag some toasters.