The Exit Ramp

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Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs


Season 18: Episode 32

On this week's show, the elusive exit ramp. One guest tries to escape a soul-crushing line of work - he is a minister who has lost his religious belief - and another guest leads gang members away from lives of violence.  We bring Tapestry's award-winning story about the preacher 'Adam' up-to-date and we meet Father Gregory Boyle, founder of "Homeboy Industries."

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We've heard a lot of stories on this programme over the years. Very few have been as memorable as the one told by a man whose real name we can't use and whose real voice you've never heard. Adam is an evangelical pastor who doesn't believe in God. The last time we spoke to him, he felt he was in an impossible position.   

Adam is now part of The Clergy Project, an online support group for active and former clergy who no longer believe in God.  He was recently awarded the group's first Employment Transition Assistance Grant. 

Adam called us on a pay phone somewhere in the southern United States. You can hear his first appearence on our show Preachers Who Don't Believe in God.

Also this hour, all things bright and beautiful. Writer and broadcaster Barbara Nichol isn't wildly religious. But she has her own take on the wonders of Creation, especially at this time of the year. Barbara's essay - her ode to spring - is called One Brown Flower. 

We close today's show with Father Gregory Boyle. Father Boyle, a Jesuit priest, is the executive director of a place in Los Angeles called Homeboy Industries. Every month, hundreds of former gang members walk through the door. They might be fresh out of jail or juvenile detention and they need everything from jobs to tattoo removal.   

He has baptized some of them, found jobs for loads of them, and he will preside over too many of their funerals. So why isn't this man broken-hearted 24/7? Father Gregory Boyle's memoir is called Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion.
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