Lamenting the Road not Taken

Photo: Josef Stuefer

Photo: Josef Stuefer


Season 18: Episode 24

It's only human to assess one's life and ponder what might have been.  Everyone from John Lennon to Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront has tried to express the mix of regret and foggy optimism that our hearts associate with the roads not taken. 

Author Adam Phillips put it this way:  We're "haunted by the myth of our own potential."   He talks about it to Mary this week.

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We also hear about two BC mothers whose lives converged tragically one day when the son of one killed the son of the other. Their love for their boys helped overcome their shared grief, and brought them together on a journey neither had foreseen. A documentary by Theresa O'Leary brings us the story of Dona and Supriya.

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