Coping: Part 2

Photo credit: Emmanuel Frezzotti

Photo credit: Emmanuel Frezzotti


Season 18 : Episode 5

We've all had times where we're just trying to get by. We continue our series on coping. At some point, we all throw up our hands and say, "Please, just get me to the end of the week!" In this episode, we'll take a look at what happens after you've coped. You've finally come through the other side. Did you change?


Segment One: "You gotta' laugh."

Kevin talks to Robyn Michele Levy. She was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's and then breast cancer. This, just after learning her father also had Parkinson's and her mother had lung cancer.

How do you keep from sinking under the weight of all that? Robyn says you just have to laugh. She wrote a book about her experiences, Most of Me - Surviving my Medical Meltdown. The Globe and Mail calls it "the world's happiest misery memoir". 

Segment Two: "The Book of Job"

The biblical Book of Job asks the fundamental question: "Why me?" Kevin speaks with Rabbi Harold S. Kushner about Job. Rabbi Kushner has written a very intimate look at the Book of Job asking the question, "Is God in control?"  His conclusion is no - absolutely not. But that's extremely terrifying for many people.

His latest book is The Book of Job - When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person.

Throughout the show you will also hear our listeners sharing their stories of coping with life's challenges.
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