Coping: Part 1


Season 18 : Episode 4

We all experience misfortune, cracks in our lives, our relationships, our psyches. But perhaps it's how we respond that reveals who we are. There's a Zen saying that "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional." Of course, that can be cold comfort to someone who can't seem to catch a break. On this episode of Tapestry, we examine the ways we cope. This is part one in our two-part series on how we deal with tough times.


Segment One: Shahina Siddiqui

Pain leads us to ponder the deepest questions of existence. "Why would a good God let this happen? "Why him or her?" "Why me?"

Shahina Siddiqui feels that our modern world needs to rediscover the power of faith in answering those questions. She sees her Muslim faith as the key to helping members of her community deal with adversity.

Shahina Siddiqui is a counselor, community leader and president of the Islamic Social Services Association of Canada.

Segment Two: Surviving Suicide: The Courtnall Way

Suicide provokes a journey of its own for the family left behind. That's what the Courtnall brothers in Victoria had to face when their father took his own life when they were teenagers.
Geoff and Russ Courtnall are well known for their success playing hockey in the NHL.
They had it all, but underneath the exciting, glamourous life lay a family secret.

We hear from them, their mother, Kathy, and their younger brother, Bruce, about how they survived such a tragic loss.

Surviving Suicide: The Courtnall Way is a feature documentary produced by journalist Theresa O'Leary.

Since 2003, the Courtnalls have hosted several celebrity golf tournaments and raised four million dollars for mental health services in British Columbia. With that money they created an emergency psychiatric center in Victoria called the Archie Courtnall Centre.
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