Grasslands National Park - photo by <a href='' target=blank>one square inch</a>

Grasslands National Park - photo by one square inch


Shhhh.... Mary explores a strange subject for broadcasting--silence. It may seem a bad idea to base a radio show on absolute quiet, but not everyone defines silence as the complete absence of sound. For Gordon Hempton, an audio ecologist, silence is the absence of noise pollution.  Hempton says even though such places are rapidly disappearing, one of the most pristine environments is right here in Canada in Grasslands National Park.


We'll also hear from James Kugel, a Harvard professor and one of the world's leading biblical scholars. What he calls the music of daily life suddenly stopped when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer a decade ago. Kugel was overwhelmed by the silence of being.

And we'll meet Omar Faruk Tekbilek--a man for whom silence, music and God are one. Tekbilek plays a type of Middle Eastern flute called the neh. He says his music originates in the silence between breaths.
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