Preachers Who Don't Believe in God

photo credit: <a href='' target='blank'>Ministerios Cash Luna</a>

photo credit: Ministerios Cash Luna


Losing faith in God is common, but what happens when your paycheque depends on your belief? A study from Tufts University tells the story of several pastors who no longer believe. Some are still working in churches, preaching sermons, and counseling the faithful. They say they do not have the skills for a new job and, in some cases, are unable to confide even in their families for fear of what their newfound disbelief may do.


Mary talks with two pastors who took part. One of them was so concerned about hiding his identity, he spoke to her anonymously over Skype. He used a laptop from his car, which he parked outside a shopping mall somewhere in the US.

Later in the show, Mary interviews Daniel Dennett, a co-author of the study, a professor of philosophy, and a co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University. The work inspired The Clergy Project, a safe haven for active and former clergy who do not hold supernatural beliefs.

We are honoured to announce that this episode of Tapestry was awarded a gold medal at The New York Festivals in the 2012 competition for World's Best Radio Programs.

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