Spiritual Envy / Inner Demons

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What happens when you want to believe but no longer can? Where do you find comfort in an impersonal universe? This episode of Tapestry features the stories of two different men who at one time had faith in God, but lost it. Even so, they continue to search for a sense of wonder and meaning in life.

As a child, Michael Krasny  believed God was real, close, personal, and comforting. But as he grew up that unshakable source of consolation became nothing more than the wind whispering. Now as an agnostic, he envies the constant reassurance that faith in a God brings to believers. Michael Krasny joins Mary to talk about his book Spiritual Envy: An Agnostic's Quest.

spiritual-envy-prayer.jpg Prayer by aronki

Later in the program, Scott Campbell grew up a fundamentalist Baptist in Ontario and even became a minister. Eventually, though, something happened that lead to the destruction of his faith. In a documentary by Quade Hermann, we hear how Scott Campbell came to believe he was possessed by demons. And that was only the beginning of his journey down a rabbit hole of psychological trauma.


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