Stepping Up

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You're relaxing on a cruise ship, maybe eating a fine meal, when the ship suddenly hits a reef, and begins to sink.  
It's the moment of truth: are you the one who steps up and does something to help?  Or are you the one who runs away?

We'll hear from John Izzo, the author of Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything.  Izzo believes giving a little thought to this - before any disaster strikes - can help ensure that people do the right thing when the time comes.

On this edition of Tapestry, we'll also meet Rudy Berghuys, president of the Royal Canadian Humane Association, the organization which bestows Canada's bravery awards.  Mr. Berghuiz has met hundreds of heroic people over the years in his job, yet he wonders whether Good Samaritans are becoming a thing of the past.

(Speaking of which, if you want to nominate someone for a bravery award, you can do so on the Royal Canadian Humane Association website.)

Also on today's programme: we'll examine the recent Costa Concordia disaster, and find out how it transformed one naval captain into a villain and another into a hero.  Italian journalist Anna Momigliano explores how the event shines a light on her country's psyche.

stepping-up-concordia.jpg  The Costa Concordia aground, January 14, 2012.



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