Mary Jo Leddy/Visit to A Buddhist Monastery

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For 30 years, Dr. Mary Jo Leddy was a member of the Roman Catholic Sisters of Our Lady of Sion (she left the order in 1994). She is the founder and first editor of The Catholic New Times, an alternative voice to the established church.  She has published over 700 articles and is the recipient of many honours, including membership in the Order of Canada and the Human Relations Award of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews. She is the founder of Romero House, which provides shelter and assistance to refugees. Mary Jo Leddy is a tireless advocate for people who have fled brutal dictatorships, war and persecution in their home countries. Mary Hynes talks with Dr. Leddy about her commitment to social justice and her faith. Both are explored in her latest book, The Other Face of God: When the Stranger Calls Us Home

korean-buddhist-temple.jpgKye Ryong Sahn International Zen Centre, Korea, photograph by Gloria Chang.

Also, freelance broadcaster Gloria Chang takes us along for an overnight stay at a Zen Buddhist monastery in Korea, as she attempts to discover her own "Buddha nature." Working, eating and participating in Buddhist practice alongside the monks, Gloria brings us the evocative sounds of daily life at the monastery - chanting, the clacking of the moktok, the tolling of bells, and the rustling of robes as monks prostrate themselves over and over again before breakfast. All the while, Gloria wrestles with the eternal koan - does a dog have Buddha nature?


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