Living With A Saint

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Mary Johnson spent 20 years living with a worldwide symbol for goodness and holiness. At 19, she joined Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity and set her sights on caring for the world's poorest of the poor. She would quash all personal needs to feed starving babies and tend to the wounds of the dying.

It didn't quite work out that way.
On this episode of Tapestry, Mary Hynes talks to Johnson about her life with Mother Teresa. A life where as Sister Donata, she climbed high in the order and became one of Mother Teresa's trusted Superiors. A life where she also struggled with obedience and in the end, chastity. Johnson says it wasn't about weakness, but more about realizing that for her, true giving does not include complete denial of her own desires.

Special thanks this episode to Bosone and Xserra of Freesound for their recordings in India.

Mary-Johnson-Woods.jpgMary Johnson. Photograph by Elliot Gould, Render Edge Media.


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