Death Be Not Scary

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death-be-not-scary.jpgA wise man once said ...  'It is impossible to experience one's death objectively - and still carry a tune.'  
What does Woody Allen know?  A lot of people are starting to see death as a portal you can be helped through - sort of like birth.  

 And in the same way a few kind souls can ease your way INTO the world at the beginning - there are those who can ease your way OUT - at the end.     This week Mary Hynes speaks with University of Alberta's Wendy Duggleby, about the role that hope plays at the end of life.  And we'll hear from Sandra Clarke, who 10 years ago founded the first chapter of No One Dies Alone, an all-volunteer program that sees to it that people who are alone at the end of their life are comforted and cared for by a round-the-clock team who remain by their side to their last breath.

And Don Ferguson of the Royal Canadian Air Farce shares his memories of his lifelong friend and colleague Roger Abbott.

Image: Death in the Sickroom by Edvard Munch,1893.


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