Life After Trauma

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haiti-1.jpgWe marvel at how human beings can keep going under the most staggering load. For those who have known  unimaginable loss, words of consolation and words of wisdom start to ring a little hollow. Sometimes it's hard to know how people keep going.

Today on Tapestry a feature interview with CBC producer David Gutnick who brings us stories from survivors of the Haitian earthquake. Sister Lorraine Malo is a nun with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto.  And we'll hear from musician Lionel Benjamin as well as music from his son Mikaben.

We will also hear a personal essay from Lynn Keane who lost her son Daniel to depression and suicide. Here are a few websites she recommends:
Your Life Counts and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Photographs courtesy of David Gutnick.

Below: Sister Lorraine Malo outside Port-au-Prince with the group of volunteers who participate in the mass burials



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