Face Time

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face-time.jpgIf the eyes are the window to the soul, what would you call the face?  

The philosopher Wittgenstein called it "the soul of the body."

You can put your best face forward, face the music, put your game-face on. Somehow or other, whatever version of you that you bring to the outside world, is revealed on your face.

Today on the program, we'll ask Jonathan Goldstein, host of CBC radio's WireTap, what he sees, when he looks in the mirror.

Mary Hynes talks to a young woman in Ottawa, who began wearing the niqab  when she was 13, about the Muslim act of covering the female face.  She also speaks with Robin Ghivan, fashion editor of the Washington Post, about public opinion in France toward the burqa.

Physician, author and neurologist Oliver Sacks talks about what it's like when you can't recognize a face from one meeting to the next.  Oliver Sacks is the author of The Mind's Eye, published by Knopf.

Judith Harris, Jungian analyst, explores the Jungian idea of taking off your mask.  Judith has worked for many years with the Jungian analyst, the teacher and writer, Marion Woodman.  Judith is also the author of Jung and Yoga: The Psyche-Body Connection, published by Inner City Books.


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