Unto Us A Child and Rick Phillips: Bach's Christmas Oratorio

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Rita and Les Peters are Canadian missionaries who live in the village of Tactic, Guatemala. They have raised five children, and were looking forward to taking life a little easier. Then one night, Rita got a call from the local fire department. A new-born baby, carefully wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a cardboard box, had been found on the steps of the church. A note was pinned to the box.. asking whoever found it, to bring the baby to Rita.

Also... Rick Phillips of Sound Advice drops by with an appreciation of J.S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio. Originally written in six parts, one for each of the six days of Christmas, the music tells the Christmas story with celebration and mystery, and a hint of what's to come. You'll hear Rick's explanation of how Bach came to write the Oratorio and what to listen for as we play excerpts from many of its great pieces, including the joyful opening chorus, Jauchzet Frohlocket (Rejoice, Exult).

(Mary Hynes has a special place in her heart for the opening chorus; in fact, she walked down the aisle to it!)


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