Robert Wright: The Evolution of God

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god-wright.jpgMost adherents to the world's major religions believe that the God they worship existed before time began; that the Divine is all-powerful, and unchanging.

Maybe not, says Robert Wright.

Wright is a journalist, scholar and author of best-selling books about science, evolutionary psychology, history and religion. His latest book is called The Evolution of God. In it, Robert Wright explores the idea that our belief in God has changed - evolved - throughout human history.

This evolution, he says, is in direct response to the way societies and cultures developed.

But rather than trying to prove that God is nothing more than a human invention, Wright puts forward this startling thought. Maybe our evolving ideas about God show that we are slowly learning more about the real nature of the Divine.

Maybe what we believe is an illusion - but it's possibly a divinely inspired illusion.

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On today's program, you heard excerpts from Eye Heart Knot, by General Fuzz and Klezmer Nova by the Alexandria Kleztet, from their album Close Enough for Klezmer.


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