Medieval Mystery

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Barrie Wilson is a religion professor, but he's come to see himself as a detective too. The case he's trying to crack, is this: What happened to the religion of the earliest followers of Jesus? Wilson says it was hijacked, by Paul. He says what we now know as Christianity should really be called Paulinity. That's how thoroughly Christianity was reshaped in the early centuries. Barrie Wilson is Professor of Religious Studies at York University in Toronto. His book, How Jesus Became Christian, is published by Random House Canada.

There's a face Jeff Woodrow can't forget; not the face of someone famous, just an ordinary kind of face. Jeff once met a man from Japan when he was traveling. They were kindred spirits. Their paths crossed, then they went in different directions, but Jeff never forgot his friend's face. It was dear to him. And being something of an artist, Jeff drew a sketch of the face, then had it printed on a T-shirt. Then Jeff had an idea: Why stop with just one face? What if the world is filled with unsung kindred spirits, all of them waiting to be immortalized on t-shirts? Mary Hynes talks to Jeff Woodrow, the founder of Joy Apparel.


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