Michael Rudder in conversation with guest-host Robert Harris

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When a meditation retreat turns into a massacre, how do we expect the spirit to respond? Some might be crippled by fear, or erupt in rage. But what if we could be both horrified at the violence, grief-stricken at the loss, and still respond with peace?

Michael Rudder is a 58-year-old actor from Montreal. One night last November, he was relaxing in the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai with friends he had met on a spiritual retreat. Suddenly, the hotel was invaded by armed terrorists, who opened fire. Two of the people at Michael Rudder's table were killed instantly. Michael was badly wounded in the arm, stomach, and leg. The fierce battle between terrorists and police raged for days; at least 170 people died.

Today, Michael Rudder is home in Canada, and he's healing from his wounds. He tells his story to guest-host Robert Harris, and explains how the horror of that night has become, for him, a lesson - even a spiritual gift.


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